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Wisco Pop! Announces Voluntary Recall of Soda Cans due to Potential Over-Carbonation of Soda Cans


Wisco Pop


Potential for cans to burst due to over carbonation

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Wisco Pop!

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Wisco Pop!

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May 14, 2022

Company Announcement

Madison, WI (May 13, 2022) – Wisco Pop! announced today that it is voluntarily recalling its soda cans after discovering stray wild yeast in some of the cans. This yeast, particularly when warm, may begin fermenting and cause over-carbonation of the cans and the risk of cans bursting open. This may cause injury.  The recall involves all cans of all four Wisco Pop soda flavors – strawberry, grapefruit, cherry and ginger. These cans of soda have only been produced in March and April 2022 so all date-codes will be from March and April 2022. This recall does not include any bottled product or any Sparkle! sparkling water product. Further detail is provided below.

Wisco Pop! discovered this issue after receiving reports of a few warm cans bursting open. The affected cans were found to have some yeast present. Yeast is a naturally occurring organism in the world all around us and is generally harmless. However, when yeast resides within a warm, sugary liquid then it may ferment and over-carbonate the can. If the pressure builds too high, then the can may rupture causing a risk of injury.

While this issue may only affect a small amount of the cans, Wisco Pop! believes that it is critically important to take every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of its customers and the quality of its product. Wisco Pop! is actively working with its wholesale partners to eliminate these cans from warehouse inventory and remove them from store shelves.

Some of the affected cans have already been purchased by consumers. Wisco Pop! requests that consumers destroy these cans and reach out to or direct message our facebook page with a picture of the can(s) and Wisco Pop! will work with you directly to offer a refund.

Consumers can determine whether they have cans affected by this voluntary recall by looking at the batch code on the bottom edge of the can. If the batch code matches one of the codes listed below then the can is part of the recall.

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