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Whether you run recalls often or just once in a while we have a solution for you.

For Manufacturers, Producers & Suppliers

Our bundled service helps you be ready and responsive.

Recall Ready™

Keep your company fully prepared for a recall event at any time. Practicing with Mock Recalls makes recall events a normal business process.

Mock Recall Training

Our team of experts guide you through each step of the preparation process leading up to your Mock Recall, help make sure your Mock Recall runs smoothly, and follows up your event with evaluation and feedback resources.

Regular Mock Recalls

Based on industry best practice, our service includes a Mock Recall every 6 months with additional Mock Recalls available for purchase at any time.

Comprehensive Support

Preparation requires practice - a smoothly running business process isn’t created overnight. We build your success on a strong foundation of support, from set-up to Mock Recalls to recall events. Our support even extends to your network.

Full Documentation

Satisfy 3rd party audits, effectiveness checks, and liability coverage requirements with easy-to-access records of your Mock Recalls and Recall Ready plan.

Simple Fee Structure

The Recall Ready™ service has a base fee per location for a 12 month period. Fee includes all the above services that helps you practice recalls so they are not managed in crisis mode.

Recall Responsive™

On the rare occasion of a recall event, Recall Responsive™ makes managing the recall fast and easy.

Efficient Performance

Recalls and withdrawals are performed exactly the same as Mock Recalls, so your recall event will run just like you practiced.

Streamlined Communication

Enter recall information once for guaranteed communication to all impacted parties across the supply chain. Track responses in real time and document information received.

Full Compliance

All recall event documentation is at your fingertips so it’s easy to fulfill compliance requirements.

Low Cost

Because you have practiced recalls with Recall Ready™, there is a minimal administrative fee associated with recall events no matter the scale.

For Manufacturers, Producers & Suppliers

For Retailers, Wholesalers & Distributors

Our Recall Responsive™ service allows you to manage your recall process seamlessly.

Recall Responsive™

Once you are alerted to a product recall, communicate the needed information down to your customers and even consumers.

Start and track recall events

Whether you run recalls regularly or just once in a while, the system makes your recall process fast and easy.

Responders use the system free

Recall notifications include automatic account creation for each responder making it easy to acknowledge and verify a recall event.

24/7 access to support

A resource library, email and phone support, and a team of recall experts mean that you and your responders will get the answers you need, when you need them.

Fully documented recall reports

A centralized list of recall events and comprehensive recall reports mean that your recalls are fully documented and easy to share. Compliance has never been easier.

Simple fee structure

Recall or withdrawal event service is pay-per-event with pricing structure based on how many customer notifications you send. 

For Retailers, Wholesalers & Distributors

See the pricing in our Terms of Service or contact us to discuss an agreement that works for your company.

Are you ready to modernize your recall process?

Recalls don’t need to be difficult anymore. Our team has been helping companies confidently conduct hundreds of recalls for over 15 years. It’s time to be Recall Ready.