Recall InfoLink

Manage Product Recalls with Ease.

Protect your consumers and brand from a costly recall. Handle product removal with confidence on a fully automated, industry-leading system.

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Confident & Calm

Recalls are never planned. Are you prepared?

With decades of experience helping customers handle thousands of recalls we understand what it takes to be ready and responsive for any product recall or withdrawal.

  • Be Recall Ready
    Practice your recall process seamlessly with expertly guided Mock Recalls and industry best practice techniques.
  • Be Recall Responsive
    Conduct recalls with completely automated recall notification, verification, and documentation so the right information gets to the right people at the right time.
A well performed product recall protects your brand, instills confidence, and builds trust along the value chain that is hard to replace.
Roger Hancock, CEO, Recall InfoLink

With Recall InfoLink's system, the worry is gone from processing recalls from our suppliers to our store customers. The speed of the system and simplified compliance has taken the headaches out of recalls.

Ray Sprinkle
URM Stores, Inc
Recalls Made Easy

Get the job done right – in minutes.

Managing recalls and withdrawals can be a simple business process, not a crisis. With Recall InfoLink’s intuitive platform and an experienced support team you will be ready for any recall.

  • Prepare for the unexpected with realistic Mock Recalls.
  • Start recalls with a few clicks on any device.
  • Communicate accurate information to all involved parties.
  • Track event progress across the supply chain in real time.
  • Document everything automatically for business and compliance needs.
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A Typical Recall InfoLink Timeline


Login to Recall InfoLink

Recall starter logs in to Recall InfoLink to start a recall

10:00 AM
10:17 AM

Recall Initiated

Responders are instantly notified via email with recall details.


First Response & Automatic Reminder

First recall responder confirms action taken in Recall InfoLink system. Automatic phone call reminders to un-aknowledged responders.

11:17 AM
12:17 PM

Second Automatic Reminder

Phone call reminders automatically sent to un-acknowledged responders.


Third Automatic Reminder

Phone call reminders automatically sent to un-acknowledged responders.

1:17 PM
2:17 PM

Notifications Complete

Event notifications finished and full reports ready to export.



If desired, re-notifications can be sent to un-acknowledged responders.

2:22 PM
2:27 PM

Reports Downloaded

Reports ready for visits by regulators and food safety certifiers.


Recall Finished

Recall finished 4hr and 30min after starting.

2:30 PM
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Globally Connected

When we are connected, we are protected.

The safety of consumers around the world relies on a vast system of interconnected supply chains and industries. Each business has a responsibility to be prepared and responsive when they need to remove products from the supply chain.

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Consumers
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pet
  • Animal
Recall InfoLink responder with a clipboard in a warehouse


Are you ready to modernize your recall process?

Recalls don’t need to be difficult anymore. Our team has been helping companies confidently conduct hundreds of recalls for over 15 years. It’s time to be Recall Ready.