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Roger Hancock Comments About Recall Ready Communities at FDA Public Meeting for Recall Modernization

October 2, 2023

Roger Hancock Comments About Recall Ready Communities at FDA Public Meeting for Recall Modernization

On September 29, 2023 the FDA held a Public Meeting: Modernizing Recalls of FDA-Regulated Commodities. This meeting marked a critical milestone in the ongoing efforts to enhance recall processes and safeguard public health, giving industry stakeholders the opportunity to share their stories and expertise.

The meeting highlighted the collective impact of tireless work from individuals, firms, and organizations across the supply chain, including Stop Foodborne Illness, and others. The working group for a Recall Ready Community was represented with comments made by Roger Hancock, president and CEO of Recall InfoLink. This group has been working to improve the recall process through a new paradigm of a supply chain approach.

One key takeaway from the meeting was the value of diverse perspectives. Roger Hancock emphasized the power of collective wisdom: "It was truly impactful to hear all the speakers, each offering insights from their own experiences and areas of expertise. It underscores the urgency of the changes needed to safeguard public health." 

Hancock’s words highlight the critical nature of the contributions at the FDA meeting. It's a clear call to action for all stakeholders to work collaboratively towards a safer recall process.

But the journey doesn't stop here. The working group for Recall Ready Communities, with Hancock at the helm, is taking steps to form the Recall Ready Community Alliance. This forward-looking initiative aims to build upon the draft process model and data model that the group has already submitted to the FDA by inviting collaboration from additional industry players. 

The Alliance represents a collective effort to bring together stakeholders from various sectors, including industry, government, and consumer advocacy groups. This collaboration will focus on implementing effective strategies for recall preparedness, thereby creating safer communities.

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