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Recall Ready Community Gains Traction

May 11, 2021

Recall Ready Community Gains Traction

With the release of the Recall InfoLink Recall Ready™ service comes a new focus on building a much needed culture of practice. While recalls tend to be processed one business at a time, sometimes in parallel and other times sequentially, Recall InfoLink envisions an interconnected Recall Ready community where all parts of the supply chain support each other with clear communication and decisive action when recalls occur. 

To build this community, Recall InfoLink connects trading partners through a variety of connection points like trade associations, consultant groups, retail corporations, etc. and helps them bring their network of trading partners together through the mutually supportive practice of regular mock recalls. The end result is a centralized community of well-equipped and well-prepared companies who share a modernized recall process, and are able to implement the process across the supply chain when needed. 

Success stories have been rolling in throughout the first quarter of 2021.“The response we are seeing is not only overwhelmingly positive, but more importantly tells us that this is the right time to be making our vision a reality,” says Jim Flannery, industry veteran and Recall InfoLink consultant. “We have the technology and the ability to be connected, now we just need to leverage it in a way that is valuable to everyone.”

As part of the Recall Ready initiative, a new Recall InfoLink website was launched last year to make it easy to learn about and adopt the Recall Ready™ service. The site aims to highlight the advantages of a modernized recall process, and is a great starting point for anyone interested in learning more about the Recall Ready community. Visit it at

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