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Recall InfoLink Receives Second Patent

July 19, 2019

Recall InfoLink Receives Second Patent

BOISE, IDAHO July 19, 2017 –Recall InfoLink, a product safety technology solutions provider, was awarded a second US Patent #9,697,523 titled “Recalled product inventory notification, removal, and verification system” on July 4, 2017. The patent applies to a recall management system that generates, tracks and verifies product recalls. It also provides notifications of a product recall to businesses in the supply chain, as well as notification of the public and government agencies that may be affected.

The company previously received US Patent #8,145,574 titled “Recalled Product Inventory Notification, Removal, and Verification System,” which covers the centralized database providing a global platform that spans the entire supply chain and improves the management of recall data.

“The two patents awarded to Recall InfoLink encompass the entirety of a product recall, from the initial notification through all points in the supply chain to the final consumer, for any potential product quality or safety issue that ensures affected product is made unavailable for sale. The newest patent is another validation that our solution is the most effective and innovative one available,” said Roger Hancock, Founder and CEO of Recall InfoLink.

In addition to Hancock, the inventors named in the patent include John Bushland, Brian Denker and Jacque Istok.

Recall InfoLink provides a web-based product recall management platform that protects brand image, reduces liability and brings value to all businesses involved in processing recalls. It improves efficiency by providing standardized messages, automated communications, inventory tracking and reports for compliance efforts.

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Recall InfoLink, based in Boise, Idaho, offers a global, web-based product recall management platform that improves the recall process by ensuring accuracy and protecting brands. More information about Recall InfoLink can be found by visiting

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