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Recall InfoLink 2.0

February 9, 2021

Recall InfoLink 2.0

The year started off with a significant milestone for Recall InfoLink, as the system officially transitioned to HTML. Previously running on flex coding, the change coincided well with the discontinuation of Adobe Flash.

“This release is not only timely but reflects a huge step forward in product recall management capabilities,” says Francis Chan, project manager at Recall InfoLink.

In addition to faster processing, the release included upgrades and added features. “In transitioning the system, we prioritized changes that will not only directly impact ease of use for our customers, but also continue to standardize and modernize the recall process for supply chains across the industry,” explains Chan.

Long time recall experts themselves, the Recall InfoLink team works closely with those in the industry, including food safety experts, corporate QA departments, and regulatory agencies, to make sure the Recall InfoLink system meets actual needs with innovative solutions. Features like real-time tracking, automated reports, and enhanced Mock Recalls set the standard for a product recall management system that works for the whole supply chain.

While system releases can often be a source of uncertainty, Recall InfoLink customers have welcomed the changes, citing ease of use and improved user interface as the primary reasons for their warm reception. In fact, customers have commented that while recalls were fast before, now they are even more efficient.

“I’m especially proud of the Recall InfoLink technology team, who worked with determination and foresight to produce a truly excellent release,” says Roger Hancock, CEO. “They are a key part of why we are leaders in the product recall industry.”

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