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Interfood B.V. Named Recall InfoLink's first Dutch client

May 22, 2019

Interfood B.V. Named Recall InfoLink's first Dutch client

BLADEL, THE NETHERLANDS & BOISE, IDAHO May 22, 2019 –Recall InfoLink, a product safety technology solutions provider, and Interfood B.V., a privately owned global dairy supplier, have signed a partnership agreement effective immediately. Under the agreement, Emma Veldmaat, Interfood's Quality Assurance Coordinator, and her quality team are adopting Recall InfoLink´s industry-standard software solution to have its global offices Recall ReadyTM at all times.

Veldmaat explains; “Now, our trading partners, as well as colleagues within the Interfood B.V. Group, have a standardized way of managing mock recalls and actual events, making it easy for everyone to understand and know exactly what to do and how to do it.”

Recall InfoLink provides a web-based product recall management platform that protects brand image, reduces liability and brings value to all businesses involved in processing recalls. It improves efficiency by providing standardized messages, automated communications, inventory tracking and reports for compliance efforts.

“Using our integrated software solution makes processing recalls faster and easier than ever. It closes the loop for Interfood for all steps of a recall with their supply chain customers. Documentation and reporting satisfy third party requirements as well as official authorities and auditors,” says Roger Hancock, Founder and CEO of Recall InfoLink.

Learning how to use Recall InfoLink´s cloud based software solution was easy for Veldmaat and her team, making adoption and use simple. Interfood's focus on caring about their customers, suppliers and the consumers of their dairy products takes another step forward.

“Our global business needs global solutions. Standardizing our mock recall process prepares us to protect our customers and our brands across the globe quickly and efficiently when the need for removing product arises. Recall InfoLink’s service handles recalls completely for compliance and business requirements,” says Toon Coopmans, Interfood's Technical Manager.

About The Interfood Group, B.V.

The Interfood Group is a private company and a leading global dairy supplier with 16 offices in six continents. These offices are managed via 5 major hubs (Miami, Singapore, Warsaw, Uruguay / Montevideo and Bladel). Interfood's accounts are dairy producers and processors, global major food companies, government institutions, importers and distributors from all over the globe. More information can be found at

About Recall InfoLink

Recall InfoLink, based in Boise, Idaho, offers a global, web-based product recall management platform that improves the recall process by ensuring accuracy and protecting brands. More information about Recall InfoLink can be found by visiting

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