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Good & Food Adopts Recall InfoLink System

July 25, 2020

Good & Food Adopts Recall InfoLink System

When we met in Hamburg, Germany at a non-GMO conference, Anja Kümmerlein, Good & Food's CEO was impressed with the benefits that Recall InfoLink provides for its global clients. Good & Food is a Belgium distributor for good and healthy products that are mostly organic and free from additives. With more and more people discovering allergies or intolerances to certain ingredients, Good & Food provides products for an environment-friendly and healthy lifestyle. In October of 2019, Luc Bonfond, Directeur Qualité and the rest of the team at Good & Food adopted Recall InfoLink's industry-standard software solution to be Recall Ready™ at all times.

Recall InfoLink provides a web-based product recall management platform that protects brand image, manages liability and brings value to all businesses involved in processing recalls. It improves efficiency by providing standardized messages, automated communications, inventory tracker and report for compliance efforts.

“Recall InfoLink, is a perfect fit not only for distributors but also for manufacturers and retailers. Recalls and the resulting responses can be monitored and easily managed that way. Being compliant and showing our care for the consumers´ health and well-being, is perfectly integrated in this cloud based solution,” says Anja Kümmerlein.

Recall InfoLink is proud to have Good & Food become part of our Recall Ready™ community.

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