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Industry Vet Flannery Joins Recall InfoLink to Advance Brand and Consumer Protection

August 20, 2020

Industry Vet Flannery Joins Recall InfoLink to Advance Brand and Consumer Protection

BOISE, IDAHO August 20, 2020: – Recall InfoLink, provider of a state-of-the-art product recall management solution, is expanding its service offering to provide critical services for brand and consumer protection to consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies with the addition of long-time industry executive Jim Flannery to the leadership team. Flannery, who was most recently with the Consumer Brands Association (formerly Grocery Manufacturers Association), works directly with Recall InfoLink CEO Roger Hancock.

As part of Flannery joining the company, Recall InfoLink is bringing its award-winning recall solution to branded and retail-owned product lines so manufacturers and other suppliers are as prepared to address recalls as their retail customers. The new Recall Ready™ service is designed to help these companies and their trading partners build a comprehensive approach to recalls for the community.

“Just like individuals, families, schools and other groups need to practice fire drills BEFORE the building catches fire, CPG companies and their partners need to practice recalls before there is an actual crisis. We are building out a full solution for them with all the bells and whistles and services they will need to guard consumers from issues with product lines,” said Flannery.

Recall InfoLink offers a patented, web-based product recall management platform that protects consumers and brand reputation, reduces liability and brings value to all businesses involved in processing recalls. Using GS1 standards, the system improves recall performance by providing standardized messages, automated communications, inventory tracking and reports for compliance efforts.

“Jim Flannery knows the CPG world and brings a deep understanding of the trust built between the consumer and the brands they love. His role at Recall InfoLink, building Recall Ready communities, isn’t that different than what he’s been doing throughout his career in the CPG world – building and protecting brands by applying technology and common sense to the challenges they face in a changing marketplace,” said Roger Hancock, President and Founder of Recall InfoLink.

Flannery was Senior Executive Vice President at Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), Jim was responsible for member value creation efforts and developing and implementing collaborative relationships, initiatives and programs with retailers and their trade associations. He joined GMA in 2013 after 36 years at Procter & Gamble, where he served as Managing Director, Customer Development.

Flannery adds, “Recalls are important, they protect consumers and protect brands. I’m excited to put my energy behind the Recall InfoLink team because they have the best and most scalable solution.”

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