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Continuation Capabilities

November 9, 2021

Continuation Capabilities

A new feature in the Recall InfoLink system that will bring industry-changing capabilities for communication during a recall or withdrawal event is scheduled for release by the end of the year. Aptly called “continuation,” the feature will allow recall data to be received from a supplier and re-shared down the supply chain with mere clicks of a button. 

“Being able to continue a recall so easily not only saves exponential amounts of time, but fills a gaping hole in communication throughout the recall process that ultimately saves lives and protects brands,” says Roger Hancock, president and CEO. 

As it stands now, recall communication is done in pieces between each impacted party, often resulting in information errors, time delays, and other costly mistakes. Not only will this feature significantly decrease the amount of time needed to communicate across the supply chain, it will also standardize the information being shared.

“I like to think of this in terms of the childhood game, Telephone, where the message gets more and more distorted each time it's passed from ear to ear,” says Jim Flannery, Industry Collaboration Consultant. “Although it’s a light hearted analogy, the similarities are clear in this situation – and the impact is not fun to think about.” 

The Recall InfoLink system allows recall information to be entered once and sent to all impacted parties in a standardized form. With continuation, a supplier can enter the recall information and send it to their customers, who can then send it to their stores or consumers with any needed customization. This means that the communication from the supplier remains in the same form it was sent throughout the whole supply chain while customization allows for each receiver to understand the action needed in their terms. 

This feature comes as the result of hard work from the Recall InfoLink IT team to create technology that to-date doesn’t exist in the industry. Its implementation is greatly anticipated by Recall InfoLink customers, knowing that recalls are about to be faster and easier than ever before.

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