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Compliance Through Connectivity

February 15, 2022

Compliance Through Connectivity

In a recent constituent update, the FDA announced publication of a new public dashboard that allows access to data points in the Reportable Food Registry (RFR). The dashboard gives industry visibility to RFR reports in line with the FDA’s commitment to greater transparency as part of its New Era of Smarter Food Safety efforts. 

The announcement also details work on new capabilities for RFR reporting using XML file submission. This advancement will accelerate compliance communications and significantly impact the ease of meeting RFR reporting requirements, ultimately protecting consumers with faster and more accurate information.

Recall InfoLink applauds the agency for their innovative steps to speed up the flow of communication, better protecting businesses and consumers in times when urgent action is needed.

“I’ve seen firsthand the effort and energy the FDA has devoted to making this happen,” says Jim Flannery, Industry Collaboration Expert at Recall InfoLink. “The growth here is in line with the priorities of the New Era of Smarter Food Safety.”

According to the constituent update, the dashboard “allows users to interact with the data points to gather more customized information at any time to find answers to their specific questions.”   This added visibility will allow industry to monitor trends that may impact their own supply chain and apply the analysis for better food safety practices.

The XML connectivity will allow direct integration with the RFR, whether that information comes directly from recall initiating companies or via third party service providers, eliminating the need for supply chain members to separately fill RFR compliance. It enables businesses directly and third-party solution providers to seamlessly integrate with and populate RFR on their behalf. 

Recall InfoLink will meet this new technological possibility when the requirements for data sharing are provided by the FDA. When using the Recall InfoLink platform for recall management, RFR compliance becomes an easy automated step. Recall or withdrawal data only has to be entered once for comprehensive supply chain communication, followed by seamless RFR submission requiring only a few additional clicks to complete. 

“We’ve built the system to make recalls faster and easier,” says Roger Hancock, president and CEO. “Compliance requirements can take time to fulfill. With this integration that time is cut to a fraction.”

Data sharing and transparency both build trust and strength to the relationship between industry and regulators. In the end, the consuming public benefits from safer products in the supply chain protecting the public’s health.

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