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3 Common Myths About Recall Management

September 21, 2023

3 Common Myths About Recall Management

In the world of supply chain management, having a recall plan is standard practice. But, having an effective one is where the real challenge lies. Let's delve into the intricate world of product recalls, the pains they bring, and how Recall InfoLink is revolutionizing recall management.

The Challenge of Product Recalls

Product recalls are notorious for being inconvenient, time-consuming, and costly. Even with a recall plan in place, these challenges persist. At Recall InfoLink, our mission is clear - we're here to make recall management a breeze.

However, before we go any further, let’s first acknowledge the huge amount of work across the supply chain that goes into keeping products safe for consumers and protecting brand reputations from product recalls. When something goes wrong, the industry has developed plans to manage product recall crises.

Our mission at Recall InfoLink is to help you manage product recalls with ease. The company was built by experts with decades of first-hand recall knowledge who are acutely aware of the pain of recalls.

We also understand the complexity of recalls, which means that any solution we bring to the table must address the unique needs of an interconnected supply chain. Our solution – a cloud-based software that streamlines communication, closes loops, and documents everything along the way – does just that.

Internal recall management is still the norm and the effort to implement new systems isn’t always worth the trouble. However, we’ve identified some common misconceptions that are easy to address and may make the change more appealing.

Myth #1: Internal Systems are Better

While it's true that the recall process is complex and difficult to standardize, relying on individual protocols adds complexity. Our platform standardizes communication, connecting the supply chain efficiently.

We've worked with global recall experts to create a system based on GS1 standards. Recall initiators can enter their recall data once and it will be sent to every impacted party  the way they need to see it. All this can be completed in a matter of minutes, so recall information is communicated not only accurately but also quickly.

Myth #2: Cloud Platforms Aren't Secure

Security concerns often deter companies from using cloud-based platforms. In a time when digitalization is quickly becoming the norm, these concerns should be taken seriously to protect company data. However, security depends on the platform itself. Recall InfoLink prioritizes data security and privacy, ensuring your information is protected at all levels. Ongoing security and privacy concerns continue to guide developments and ensure peace of mind for our clients – and all in the supply chain.

Myth #3: Paying for a Service Costs More

Though internal systems may seem cost-effective, the hidden expenses can add up. Building, maintaining, and managing these systems can be substantial. On top of that, the incremental cost of paying personnel to manage recalls from decision making, initiating or responding, keeping records, and fulfilling regulatory compliance needs adds up to hours of manpower.

Our platform significantly reduces costs and accelerates efficiency. In one case study, a task that took five managers two days was completed by one person in just two hours. On average, recall events are initiated in an average of 17 minutes. Efficiency extends beyond recall execution into ongoing management of recall-related documentation and communication. In all, it cuts costs to a fraction of the internal management expense.

A Better Solution

In the world of recalls, the most important thing in the recall process is getting potentially harmful product off the shelves, to protect both consumers and brands. Our platform empowers every party in the supply chain with standardized, accurate communication. Leveraging the tools of a system built for fast, secure, and cost-effective communication can make a good process even better, and may be the best decision for your company and your customers.

Are you ready to modernize your recall process?

Recalls don’t need to be difficult anymore. Our team has been helping companies confidently conduct hundreds of recalls for over 15 years. It’s time to be Recall Ready.